Wednesday, October 30, 2013

our wedding day photographer was the greatest.

wedding wednesday
volume 4  |  chapter 23

yep, i'm still talking about my wedding--i'm a newlywed, i can't help it. today the story is being told through more photos taken by our amazing photographer, thomas. he sent us the final batch this week and we, hubs and i, sat together monday night reliving the day, image after image, tagging our commentary to each captured moment. 

a few notes: 
  • we started the day at griffin, a bookstore cafe, for some casual engagement photos. we had a blast. i was surprised by how quickly i was comfortable with thomas snapping photos. most of the time i forgot he was there which was good; it allowed me to be more natural. 
  • market square is beautiful from every angle. 
  • my man. what a handsome guy!
  • yes, my wedding had donuts. and they were delicious. 
  • my nephew, james, hilarious little boy, snatched up the loose flowers and yank the petals off, throwing them on the ground and then stomping on them, smiling. 
  • a lovely picture with my mother and sister. aren't they gorgeous? 
it was such a fun day. i'm still smiling, newlywed-style, and when certain memories surface, my eyes well up with tears of happiness, love and gratitude. 

photos by thomas rodriguez 

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