Friday, October 25, 2013

autumn fall pumpkin patch cozy cooking weekend ahead!


the weekend is here and it finally feels like fall. the mornings have been very brisk and warming only a few degrees throughout the day. i love this kind of weather. it begs for snuggling and cups of tea and early bedtime. swoon.

none of that this weekend, though. we will be hustlin' and bustlin' all over the bay area. to kick things off, i'm hoping to squeeze in a pedicure after work (and the latest episode of scandal if i can) while my hubs meets a buddy. later, we might head over to a pumpkin patch, or work on halloween costumes. (i'm thinking of being a scrabble tile. k's are worth 5 points!) tomorrow we're being treated to breakfast and considering a trip out to the famous half moon bay pumpkin patch. then it's guitar lessons and grocery shopping for sunday dinner at leland house. my husband's church volunteers once a month or so to visit with the guests and prepare dinner for them. we're heading it up this sunday and i'm thinking 3 different pots of soup to spread the cheer of autumn. it makes for a tiring afternoon but volunteering always feels good in the end.

so there it is--fall is here and we're embracing it with all our might. what are your weekend plans? are you kicking up or raking leaves in your neighbourhood, maybe for the kids to jump into? i used to do that as a kid, except when my brothers formed a maze and we could only run through it. leaves crackling underfoot--isn't that just one of the best nature sounds? swoon.

love truly,

p.s. saturday was our original wedding date. we changed it and i think i'm glad we did. otherwise, i wouldn't be able to celebrate two weeks of wedded bliss!

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