Thursday, November 28, 2013

i love thanksgiving.

for me, thanksgiving is the most wonderful time of the year. it's the smell of roasting turkey; the sound of football on the television and the hoots and hollers; little kids running about and babies to snuggle; anticipating visitors; greeting family; rolling out the dough for the dinner rolls and pies; testing the whipped cream cans with sprays into each other's mouths; properly cleaning up for dinner; setting the table with place cards and pouring sparkling cider; going around the table sharing what we're thankful for; piling plates to kingdom-come; eating 'til we can't bring another bite to our mouths; laughing through the family traditional readings and talents; settling down for a family holiday movie; going to bed happy and perhaps awakening to the first snow. 

image courtesy of google images

some of my most cherished childhood memories come from the thanksgiving holiday, like going to a movie in the theatre with my cousins and brothers and then stopping at taco bell after--as if we needed more food. ha! it was a time for family, great food, and football--nothing else mattered. 

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