Saturday, December 28, 2013

christmas break: day two.

the second day of my christmas break was much lazier, delightfully so. i stopped by joel's for a hair trim and then on to the kabuki springs & spa for a bit of personal indulgence, courtesy of a birthday gift card from my dear friend, as. i started with the ginger glow body wrap and followed it with a grounding treatment.

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ginger glow body wrap
our body wraps begin with an invigorating dry brush to stimulate and exfoliate, followed by an application of essential oils. the therapeutic effects of fresh ginger are deeply warming, anti-spasmodic, and anti-inflammatory. 
this nurturing foot treatment leaves you feeling grounded in the mother earth. an aromatic foot wash is followed by a light exfoliation and a delicious foot massage, while your back is warmed with a detoxifying marine mud pack. 
the ginger glow body wrap was spectacular. the body brushing awakened my pores while the ginger oils and scrub relaxed, renewed, and enlivened my skin. i came away feeling unbelievably refreshed. i wish i could have a ginger glow body wrap every week. seriously.

the grounding was a tad disappointing. the foot massage was too light and limited in region but the exfoliation and peppermint lotion was terrific. i think i might have fallen asleep while my therapist was working. not a waste but i won't select it again.

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