Friday, December 20, 2013

mid-century inspired table lamps--swoon.

made by caravan pacific, these lamps are inspired by mid-century lighting and hand-crafted in portland. founder, shannon guirl, combined her desire to hand-craft something and recreate the vintage ceramic and wood lamp that had broken during shipment to her. with the broken lamp in front of her, she was able to learn how it was constructed. after some lessons in wood tuning and slip casting, her company was born in 2011.

i always stand in awe of people like shannon. they find something they want to do, learn how, and just do it. remarkable. and now she's being spotlighted in anthology magazine. amazing.

i want one. the alberta table lamp, white + cherry i think. the turquoise + cherry is pretty, too.

images courtesy of

i love the smell and feel of sawdust. i grew up running my fingers through the mounds of the fine dust on my father's workbench. he'd often have some kind of wood project going--whether it was whittling by hand or using his larger tools. of the pieces he's crafted for me, i hold tightly to my personalized step stool and bold rhino. maybe someday i'll be able to share that step stool with a daughter of my own. i don't believe he has much time for whittling or woodworking these days which makes the memories even sweeter.

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