Thursday, December 12, 2013

pretty faces and some beauty notes for date night.

date night is a wonderful thing, isn't it? sometimes ya dress up and other times you hang out at home in your jammies, a bowl of popcorn in your lap, and a fave flick. i prefer the latter (i cherish a good night in with my guy) but love the fun of dressing up. these beauty notes from j.crew's fashion director, gayle, are surefire you-had-me-at-hello date night ideas. 
  • try a faux bob by loosely tucking your hair in the neck of a sweater and pulling a few pieces for that effortless disheveled look -- my hair isn't quite long enough yet unless i wrap it in a chunky scarf
  • dress down a dress by tossing a chunky knit sweater over top -- i love this suggestion and have already done it; great for wearing a dress on saturday while christmas shopping; brings a little pizzazz to the fun of the seasonal errands
  • toughen up your sequins by rocking your guy's plaid shirt with a sequin pencil skirt or blazer -- this could be a rad look, especially for a holiday vacation on a woodsy farm
  • ditch the lipstick for a lip stain; it's easy to touch up all night long and can be added to your cheeks for a tease of baby-it's-cold-outside -- if your man is like mine, this'll be good; lip stains don't leave kiss marks on cheeks and what would date night be without kisses? 

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