Friday, January 10, 2014

nest--beautifying our unloved household products, one thermostat at a time.

their campaign ads line the streets of my morning commute through downtown san francisco and finally this morning my curiousity drove my fingers to type out their name in google. now i'm smitten and eve more curious than before. nest would be an awesome company to work for and be a part of.

based in palo alto, california, nest takes the unloved products in our homes and makes them beautiful, smart, effective, and simple.

their sleek thermostat gets to know you and your schedule. it can program itself to know when you're out of the house or when you usually turn the thermostat down, say in the evening when you're about to turn in for bed. the thermostat even has an energy-saving setting that's indicated by a green leaf on the reader.

the smoke alarm, called nest protect, talks to you in a calm human voice, a needed change from the jump-out-of-your-seat-terrified piercing, dreadful noise. and instead of chirping when the battery is low, it glows softly in yellow. the smoke alarm also alerts you if your carbon monoxide level is too high in the house and will partner with your thermostat to turn off your gas furnace. the smoke alarm can also act as a motion-sensed nightlight--pathlight--if you want it to. there are multiple settings for every device location, just in case you don't want a light popping off and on when you walk in to check on your wee ones in the middle of the night.

oh, and they bought a fire truck--off craigslist!--to introduce nest protect to their community. how incredibly awesome is that?!

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their products have a familiar clean-lines look, don't you think? that's probably because nest's founder and ceo, tony fadell, led the team that created the first 18 generations of the ipod and the first three generations of the iphone. pretty cool stuff.

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