Monday, February 3, 2014

cute and pretty for a monday.

good monday morning, lovies. did you have a great weekend? ours was pretty low-key and normal. i love normal--errands to target and trader joe's on saturday; relaxing on sunday. i wanted to share a mix of cute and pretty today. cute being the puppy (it's been reblogged a million times and i can't help but perpetuate it) and pretty being those rooms. i also approve of the man's look and the woman in the christmas tree lot is effortlessly pretty. and how adorable is that little girl on her papa's back? i wanna visit that lighthouse. it looks cold and wonderful and rough and spectacular.

so many thoughts in my head today! they're all running together. welcome to monday! 

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there is something sweet and tender about a little girl and her daddy. holding hands or piggyback rides or bicycle riding--that relationship is special. 

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