Monday, February 3, 2014

if this loft space was mine--

image courtesy of

i would fill it with buckets of flowers.
i'd start a flower or paper shop.
i'd host a large sunday dinner.
i'd decorate it with a grab bag of furniture.
i'd host an ice cream sundae festival.
i'd set up a writing desk and type away all the tales trapped in my imagination.
i'd sit on the floor with a steaming cup of milk, suzy curled up beside me, and wait for the rain.
i'd zip on my wedding dress, put my mr. in his jacket, and have photos snapped.
i'd build a princess fort and have a sleepover with my nieces.
i'd fill it with balloons for a special birthday surprise.
i'd host a clothing exchange and fashion show.
i'd cover it, wall to wall, in my favourite photos from our wedding day.
i'd turn on my favourite tunes, dance dance dance and rock out.
i'd project our favourite movies and eat popcorn.

i would pinch myself.

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