Wednesday, February 5, 2014

fave wedding day photos for printing--

wedding wednesday
volume 5  |  chapter 4

as we further settle into married life and living together, our blank walls stare back at us with a silent plea for photos and prints and so it's time to pick our favourite wedding photos and have them printed. 

i love our wedding photos. our photographer, thomas rodriguez, did an incredible job. i can't stop scrolling through them and probably view one or two every day. we love so many of them but it would be a little over-the-top to print all the ones we love and hang them in our tiny apartment. we have to be smart and choose the photos and how they're printed wisely. i've admired this family print for a few years and would love to have one or two of our wedding pictures printed on canvas in a similar grand scale. i'd also like to fade one out into grayscale and maybe fuzzy up the lines. there are mini collections i'd like to see in a collage, like jeremy getting ready, and photos of me with my siblings. so many wonderful options.

below are my favourites to consider printing. don't laugh when you count that there's eleven total; it's mega difficult to decide. 

photos by trrphoto

i just love that lamp post. it adds so much character to the photo. and i adore my bouquet. it brightens up every photo it's in. that first one with us out of focus at griffin is a favourite for printing, definitely.

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