Friday, March 7, 2014

if i was a mom-to-be...

i'd totally invest in the storq basics bundle--a dress, leggings, skirt and tank for $195. what a bargain! i can only guess, since i'm not expecting, but why would you want to wear anything else? the dress looks incredibly welcoming and versatile (saturday errands to dinner with a change of shoes and accessories. i'm tempted to buy the dress now. weird?); i'd live in those leggings and tank while home; the skirt would be my staple wear-to-work until i went on leave. they all look wonderfully comfortable during a time i've heard can be very uncomfortable. like the website says: 
new body, new rules. you don't need a whole new wardrobe, just the basics. 
love that. i love, too, the "how to wear it" suggestions for each piece. and the site reads like an encouraging girlfriend. love it all. 

images courtesy of and

storq was created by courtney klein. as an expecting mother, she wanted basic maternity clothes she'd feel comfortable and beautiful wearing so she made them. her story appeals to me. i'd support her. 

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