Monday, August 11, 2014

birthday cake and lazy times.

my gosh, we were lazy this weekend. not super lazy, it just felt like a lazy weekend with a few less activities on the calendar. we were scheduled for belly flops and cannonballs and diving board jumps with thny and her family but the weather scared us away. total bummer. that left us with a morning to fill. we ran east beach and then hit up a couple grocery stores before cleaning the house and taking naps. we were a sleepy bunch!

during all the saturday afternoon home stuff, i finally baked my birthday cake! it's become tradition for me to bake my own birthday cake and the four-layer chocolate chip cookie cake with chocolate buttercream frosting is the one. it's a stoic cake--blocky, rectangular, and oozing in brown grandeur. it's relatively unappealing to look at but mighty delicious, especially with a mason jar of cold cold milk and a red striped straw.

about mid-day on sunday, just after waking up from a heavy nap, i thought to myself that the weekend seemed long, that i couldn't believe i still had so much sunday left ahead to relax and prepare for the week. it almost felt too long, as if i was more than ready to do something productive, like going to work. however, those lazy weekends are rare and i was quite happy to endure one, even if the laziness is making monday feel like a monday--dragging and hard to find a good rhythm. then i look at these photos of suzy and i giggle. the brown ribbon is velveteen and was part of the wrapping of a birthday gift from my friend ayl. (she found me a jersey ceramic jersey cow dish!) since opening the gift and dropping the ribbon on my bed, suzy has owned the ribbon. she sleeps with her paw on it and will look at you like "don't you dare touch that ribbon" anytime you come near her and it's within proximity. funny times with that cat. 

did the weekend seem long to any of you? 

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