Tuesday, August 5, 2014

my birthday: car-camping in june lake.

it was truly a birthday to remember. and now i'm a bona fide car-camper! i loved it. every minute. 

a soft serve ice cream cone and a campfire hot dog (the best kind of hot dog!) smothered in mustard and onions for my birthday dinner; tent slumber party complete with sleeping bags, car magazines, and "top chef"; bears passing by our tent in the stillness of the forest night and waking us up; us holding hands tightly and hunkering closer together and deeper into our sleeping bags, too scared to speak above a whisper or move; kayaking into a strong headwind down june lake; breaking in my new tevas; hiking rocks and boulders to steal the best views of the delightful lake; the overwhelming beauty of the eastern sierra nevadas; the adorable and pet-worthy scurrying alpine chipmunks; driving the june lake loop -- ooo-ing and awww-ing at every turn and majestic mountainside; off-roading the sube into the dry basin of grant lake; a hearty breakfast at silver lake resort -- giant breakfast burrito, a light buttermilk pancake, and watermelon slices; a tuolumne meadows walk in yosemite, a deer sighting, and a stream of rushing water across long, smooth boulders pooling into swimming holes. 

june lake, i miss you already and can't wait to see your lovely pines again. 

truly the most beautiful and magical places i've ever visited. 

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