Friday, August 1, 2014

weekend: it's my birthday!

work hours are slipping by; homework is turned in; and the car is packed. 



although the weekend hasn't officially arrived, nor my birthday (it's tomorrow, 8/2), it feels like it already has. i've been drowned in love and happiness (and forty tulips--twenty white and twenty magenta--from my manager; they're my favourite flower) for my birthday all week and i can't wait to hit the road with my hubs for our car-camping trip in june lake. (doesn't june lake sound idyllic and dreamy?) i treasure our birthday adventures and love celebrating my birthday. 

we've spent a lot of time in yosemite already this summer and i'm eager to return and explore the spots and trails we saw during our last drive-through, especially swimming in tenaya lake. with temperatures hovering around 102 degrees, swimming in a cool mountain pool will help the summer feel like summer. 

and when we return to the city, i'll bake my birthday cake, likely the same one it was last year: a 4-layer chocolate chip tollhouse cookie cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. it's heavenly and dangerously delicious. 

where will this summer weekend take you? better cash in on the weekends while you can. school starts soon and then weekends will be used for recovery from the week, carting kids to soccer games, and studying, rather than adventures. 

talk soon, lovies!


p.s. the "wish i was here" soundtrack, taylor swift's "red" album, lots of she & him, a little florence + the machine, and the national are part of my driving playlist. ellie goulding, dum dum girl, beck, m. ward, karen o, and feist add to the mix. 

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