Tuesday, September 23, 2014

270+ stairs lead to new views.

with my recent job change putting me back in san francisco, i've mapped out my favourite way to walk to and from work each day -- up and down vallejo. the mile-and-a-half return trip (that makes nearly 3 miles roundtrip. wow!) boasts over 270 stairs to climb and offers stunning views of the bay. i try to remember to stop and pause at the top of the stairs in the well-to-do neighbourhood to take in a deep breath and the surrounding view as a reminder of the incredibly beautiful city i live in. (it's easy to forget how spectacular san francisco is when you're stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on broadway or walking through the dirty streets of chinatown.) 

that's the highlight of my walk home. the highlight of my walk to work is passing by my husband's office window, waving, and sending a kiss. 

 photos taken with my iphone 5s

i love my work mornings. i'm under no time crunch to get to work so my stroll over russian hill by way of vallejo is easygoing. it's a cherished time to think and take a healthy self inventory. 

the walk home with my husband, well, there is little as delightful as that. 

there are signs i'm falling in love with san francisco all over again as i find my footing through new parks, gardens, and along hidden stairways. this is wonderful.

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