Thursday, October 2, 2014

guest-ready guest rooms -- by anthropologie.

i can get an email from anthropologie at least once a day, and i do not mind. today's headline read: is your guest room guest-ready? when i opened the email, i was aghast and thought, i wish i knew someone with a guest room as inviting and romantic [and over-the-top, let's be honest] as the rooms anthropologie put together in a marketing scheme to buy their delicious bedding. i mean, come on. how realistic are these rooms, really? i wouldn't mind getting lost in the layers and layers of one of those immensely fluffed and dressed beds but do i want to clean one or launder those sheets? no way, it looks too complicated. but if any of you, dear readers, feel the need to enhance your guest room as encouraged by anthropologie, give me a shout. i would be more than happy to spend a weekend reading, napping, and watching my favourite abc shows in one of those rooms.

on that note, i have 3 favourites: 2nd row on the left, and both on the last row. gosh i would love a cozy weekend watching football and playing with suzy in one of those beds with my husband bringing me bites of food like his grilled cheese sandwiches.

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i've posted about anthropologie's incredible bedding here, here, and here.

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