Friday, October 3, 2014

normal weekend.

friday, it's nice to see you.


it'll be a pretty normal weekend for the brooks family. other than errands, a haircut for me (another inch will fall -- i'm going for a short bob, french-chic hairstyle), battling the indian summer heat wave, and writing lists for france, we'll be home enjoying football, time together and with suzy, and i'll watch general conference.

i like quiet, normal weekends. maybe i'll get some writing done, too. or some reading. or some baking! writing and baking are always weekend goals, and good goals at that. often, though, other life-tasks get in the way...

all my wishes for a happy weekend, lovely readers.


p.s. because i'm in love and remembering the joy of last year at this time--

photo by trrphoto
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