Friday, October 3, 2014

the other day, walking home, i crossed paths with the most gorgeous woman i've ever seen in real life--

i've never thought of myself as gorgeous or beautiful. 

cute? yeah, sure. 
pretty? sometimes. 
pretty cute, most of the time. 

the other night, one block from home, a woman with mile-long legs fitted in the most perfectly dark-slim jeans; in nude heels and walking a perfect stride; with long, lush, richly dark brown hair; and a loose, flowing silk blouse crossed in front of me and as she did, i stopped and thought, wow, she smells really nice, and wow, she is gorgeous.

and then i thought, wow, i am totally not gorgeous. gorgeous just walked past me with her eyes straight ahead and a stride of determination. and gorgeous has long, lush, rich brown hair. 

now understand, i'm writing this merely as an observation. a refreshing observation of what struck me, and seriously struck me, as [outwardly] gorgeous compared to what the world tags as gorgeous and beautiful. honestly, it was awesome feeling so impacted by a woman's physical beauty and, while feeling small beside her (she was also quite tall) in the split second we shared as we crossed the same corner of the block, i did not lose any confidence in my own style, appearance, or body type. i am me -- happy being relatively plain, mostly simple me.

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truth be told, i'm rarely awestruck by women these days; most are predictable in their out-of-the-fashion-magazine style and they bore me with their abundant presence in photographs throughout the blogosphere and the internet. 

but this woman, she was the meaning of the word: gorgeous. 

it came to mind immediately when i saw her, as if someone had spoken it to me. her appearance, while current, was also classic and effortless. she didn't appear to be trying for attention or to look a certain way, and most "beautiful" women today tend to be quite the opposite.

maybe it was her simplicity in her classic look. maybe it was her mile-long legs and powerfully graceful stride. i don't know and i don't know her. but i do know she was gorgeous and i was awestruck for a lovely moment.
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