Wednesday, October 8, 2014

last year at this time...

wedding wednesday
volume 5  |  chapter 12

last year at this time i had flowers and chairs and programs and donuts and the weather on my mind as i prepared for the biggest day of my life: my wedding day. and now, four days shy from our one-year anniversary, i'm again making lists. these lists are different--they include things like passports, notifying our banks we'll be going overseas, purchasing international chargers, finding someone to look in on suzy while we're gone, and downloading movies for the eleven-hour flight.

photos by trrphoto

we leave on our anniversary, october 12th, for our honeymoon and i can hardly believe the trip is here. i can't wait to fall in love with paris in autumn; sit in cafes and write and people-watch; skip down the cobblestone alleys; lose myself in the paris evenings; and wear pretty dresses and hats.

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