Friday, November 21, 2014

weekend: aren't ya thankful it's here?


the weekend is upon us and i'm overjoyed. it's been a fantastic week with the new job at instacart and pouring rain and making new friends but nevermind all that goodness -- i need the weekend as much as the next guy. our only plan so far is to make an appearance at a co-worker's birthday happy hour. and after all the rain i'm really wanting to find a muddy trail to hike along. there are other things that need done, too, like laundry while watching football and household chores to prepare for our trip up to moses lake, washington next week.

speaking of next week, how excited are you guys that it's thanksgiving?! i love thanksgiving. i love the tradition of food and football and time with my family, sleeping in, dinking around on the piano, twirling and spinning with my nieces and nephew, doing crafts, going to the movies, and just hanging out. it's going to be cold -- maybe we'll get some snow. fingers-crossed.

every year at the thanksgiving table, we have the tradition -- as i think many others do, too -- of going around the group and each dinner guest pitches in what they're thankful for. i'll get the ball rolling and say i'm incredibly thankful to be married to this man. he is the love of my life and makes me laugh more than anyone.

photo courtesy of trrphoto

if you feel like sharing, i'm all ears -- what are your thanksgiving holiday traditions, plans, and what are you thankful for?

dears, happy weekend to you all! 

love truly,

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