Friday, December 12, 2014

what are you up to this weekend?


it's been such a week over here in san francisco. the weather and late nights at work and other events have me worn out and i'm ready for a night in with my honey. popcorn and episodes of "the mindy project" are on tap. and tomorrow, only necessary errands and tasks, like picking out a christmas tree, wrapping presents, and an intense workout. sunday we're going to a christmas dinner at the home of my beautiful friend mackw. it's a little fancy -- cloth napkins!

it's been such a crazy week i sometimes don't recognize myself looking back at me since my haircut last saturday. and it's been so long since i posted that i thought you should see my face too, just so you know i haven't forgotten about you guys. so, haircut. what do you guys think of it? i snapped the pic while i was supposed to be paying attention in a meeting. -wink-

christmas is less than two weeks away. can you believe it?

hugs and high-fives,

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