Wednesday, March 18, 2015

eight things about me.

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37. if i could, i'd buy all of my underthings from anthropologie. their stuff is so pretty, feminine, and perfectly delicate.
38. the mini goldendoodle is my new must-have dog. adorable, right?
39. i don't l-o-v-e- love my day job but i'm good at it. i'm still holding tight to my dream of being a freelance copywriter/editor out of my farmhouse in the country. someday. with my jersey cow, pair of alpacas, chickens, duck, and burrow hanging out by the barn.
40. i crave fried egg english muffin sandwiches pretty much all of the time. and orange ginger carrot juice. yum!
41. the older i get, the more i want to be outside on saturdays -- hiking, breathing in fresh air, driving mini road trips, climbing rocks.
42. confession: i rock out to 1989 when i'm cleaning the apartment, walking to the bus, or working out. can't get enough.
43. i'm finally beginning to feel my age. although i'm still unsure of what that really means.
44. my dear friend, ayl, and i don't share office space any longer which means my diet is seriously lacking in treats from tartine. it's sad.

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