Wednesday, March 18, 2015

wednesdays with suzy.

it's been a while, friends. and we've missed you! instead of rambling on about all the things i've done (played parent to my four nieces and nephews in moses lake for 8 days -- earned aunt of the year; visited family in utah, met my newest niece, and hiked through wet snow in zion national park;  walks and stairs in new running sneakers; two weekend date nights -- dinner and movies and candy!; purging and organizing our little san francisco living space; tons of work; some ailments and illness; many episodes of "project runway;" babysitting the sweet 2-month old baby judge)* since you last heard from us, let's take a minute and observe suzy's cuteness because it's wednesday and that's what we do. and because she is just so darn sweet and pretty. 

leaving her adorable face everyday is the hardest thing i do all day.

52 weeks with suzy. week five. 

*welp, looks like i rambled on anyway! 
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