Monday, April 6, 2015

why i fell in love with my life over the weekend.

us at davies symphony hall for easter service, easter sunday
  • faith-full and faith-challenging messages in word and music 
  • bouquets of french tulips -- a white bouquet and yellow one
  • transforming our little apartment into a space large enough to accommodate a dinner party of 7 
  • a 2 pound meatloaf, 2+ pounds of smashed, buttery, garlic yukon gold potatoes, rosemary roasted carrots, steamed broccoli, a baguette and olive oil, a mixed green salad with almonds and my signature mustard vinaigrette, sparkling cider and wine, and 4-layer chocolate chip tollhouse cookie cake with chocolate buttercream frosting -- equating to more food than we could eat 
  • digging out pretty plates and glasses for the special occasion
  • 7 friends -- old and new  
  • remembering the year dave the duck showed up in an easter care package from my folks; my father had picked him out for me, my mother said
  • 1 scared kitty cat hiding away from the festivities
  • missing family and wishing we could all be together

the entire weekend was pretty wonderful. from a goat hill pizza date at the corner table to a movie night and then a 6.5 mile jog with the wee one on her bicycle in the marina and in our neighbourhood saturday morning. a daddy-daughter trip to toys 'r us before easter candlelight vigil. mixed in between was basketball, general conference, cooing over ayl's maltese poodle puppy named penny, and lots of cooking and baking. it was a blessed weekend. 
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