Friday, April 17, 2015

you guys, it's the weekend!


and isn't that just the best news? it's been frantic crazy busy the last couple weeks and i'm ready for a quiet weekend. we don't have any holidays to celebrate; no parties to attend; no major house projects; no sports to tie us down; no weekend-consuming errands. no plans! all i wanna do is watch movies, nap, read, eat ice cream and popcorn, and play with suzy. a walk through the lands' end park would be welcome, and a tartine croissant.

running through my mind for april to-dos are what to write about on medium; how can i volunteer for hillary 2016; and what is our next weekend getaway? feel free to drop any ideas or suggestions in a comment. 

anyway, hope you're doing well, lovies!

love truly,

p.s. remember when i used to post regularly? those were the days...
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