Monday, June 1, 2015

pescadero, a dream town

tucked back in the hills and about 2 miles off the ca-1 is this perfect little town, pescadero. 

we didn't have enough time in pescadero on saturday, nor did we have enough room in our bellies for all of the food we wanted to eat. our first stop upon entering the quiet seaside mountain town was duarte's, recommended by ayl. during our wait to be seated, we shopped at the nearby thrift store whose profits went to a children's fund. i always try and pick up a couple plates at thrift stores in places i'm visiting. we left this one with 2 salad plates, 4 yellow glass dessert plates, a brandy glass, a 3-section camping plate, and a short brown plastic pitcher that took both of us back to our childhoods. 

at duarte's, we ordered a table full of stuff -- cream of artichoke soup (artichoke country!), petrale sole fish sandwich, mexican cole slaw, and halibut chowder. a complimentary basket of fresh, warm, soft, and crusty bread showed up and we dug in. a little yellow bird told me their olallieberry pie was really something and since i wasn't stuffed, i ordered a slice -- warm with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream on top. we shared the slice and i savoured every bite -- it was scrumptious. i might have even licked the plate. 

from there we crossed the street and popped into a couple shops. one of the markets had a huge brick oven and we noticed a pizza being devoured by a little family and wished we weren't full, but promised ourselves we'd be back for a pizza like that to enjoy in the fenced-in backyard of the market. every picnic table was taken; kids were running around; and a small band was playing. swoon. 

next on the list was harley's goat farm. i love goats. and i love farms. this was both! i'd heard of it from several other folks and i didn't let on to jsb how excited i was to finally be visiting. on the way into the farm from the parking area we passed donkey, a beautiful donkey named donkey. heading into the farm house we were directed upstairs to a room where a giant table, worthy of description by j. r. r. tolkien -- long and perfectly not straight, constructed from a tree trunk; tall chairs; flat sterling silver plain plates; goblets; flowering weeds and wildflowers; a beautiful chandelier -- was set. it demanded a certain amount of reverence and i stood in awe of it for some time.  

this space is available for hosting a private dinner or buying a ticket for one of their season meals. i want to do both. sounds like a perfect night. the seasonal meal includes a tour of the farm and 5 courses. swoon.

at the end of the long room was the view of the back gardens and all the baby goats. i don't know the name of all the wildflowers and flowering weeds but the garden was bright and beautiful. the baby goats were active -- trying out their wobbly legs; feeding; taking shade from the sunshine -- and completely adorable.

we popped into the farm shop and tasted some of their different goat cheeses. i didn't leave with any of the creamy goodnesses -- maybe next time. and there will be a next time.

the drive home was gorgeous. in typical brooks fashion (this is why i love being a brooks!) we took the scenic route home including a detour to check out butano state park -- a campsite deep in a hidden grove of redwoods -- spectacular. it's such an impressive countryside -- farmland meeting the seaside and mountains with countless state parks within a stone's throw. it was a day of heaven.

i can't wait to go back.

pictures are mine and jsb's
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