Friday, May 29, 2015

weekend love in pescadero.

the weekend is within reach.


tonight i'm driving with my mr. down to our favourite inn in los gatos (the garden inn -- it's where marilyn monroe and joe dimaggio stayed after their wedding!). saturday we'll drive up the ca-1 (always a beautiful drive) to pescadero -- it's been on my list for ages. per ayl's suggestions, we'll see the baby goats at harley goat farm (i hear there is a whole new litter of baby goats -- and who doesn't love baby goats?), stroll the garden and eat at duarte's tavern, and grab some artichoke bread from norm's market for the drive home. the lighthouse at pigeon point is the tallest lighthouse on the west coast and is still in operation -- we'll probably stop there, too. 

it'll be an easy weekend and i like those the best. a planned trip but without an agenda -- that's happiness right there. and then sunday will be normal -- church, naps, and some more resting time. perhaps i'll bake something. 

tell me your weekend plans! no doubt most of you are having better weather than we are -- it's a cold, coastal early summer. 

hugs and love,
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