Friday, December 4, 2015

the weekend is here!


hard to believe last friday was the day after thanksgiving (my cousin's wife and i sweated it out in a barre3 class; bye bye pumpkin pie). and now christmas is three fridays away. whoa. good thing christmas packages are arriving in the mail and we bought our potted christmas tree last night (a fluffy monterey pine; it's beautiful). christmas will be here before we know it.

how many of you are doing christmas stuff this weekend? we're hitting up target for supplies and then a warehouse sale in the dogpatch, less christmas-related and more for me so i can see and try on a pair of bryr clogs. (i want a pair desperately!) we'll spend sunday decorating the tree. yay! the potted tree is smaller than the fake one we usually put up, so it's likely we won't be able to use all of our decorations. regardless, i'm excited. i told mr. brooks i wanted to put the tree up earlier this year so it felt like christmas for a longer period of time. he agreed. 

other than that, i intend on resting a lot. i'm reading a couple books and finally have some writing ideas turning over in my head (one is started already; it needs flushed out and edited). speaking of writing, did you see this post about sunday dinner with our chic neighbours? funny horror story: during a brief email exchange with said neighbours, one of them noticed my blog link in my gmail signature, clicked it, and reported back that she thought the post about them on my blog was especially nice. i was mortified so i quickly pulled up the post and read it. luckily, it was a gushing stream of how amazing i thought they were. but that was also slightly mortifying.

and on that note, i'll sign off 'til next time. maybe i'll get some writing done in my restful downtime this weekend. (how i wish i could steal away to coffee bar for a couple days and just write.) 

happy holiday time, lovies!

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p.s. think about this: if you had an extra day in your weekend every weekend, what would you do with it?
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