Tuesday, May 31, 2016

a weekend of the arts.

this past weekend gave me everything i needed, and it was exceptional.

time to myself
  • i visited the oscar de la renta exhibit at the de young museum solo. it was also my first time at the museum and while i only bought a pass for the retrospective exhibit, i perused the museum bookstore and came away with the battle of versailles to add to my ever-growing bedside table stack of memoirs. there is something magical that i can only find at museums -- the awe of being in the presence of something that was created by someone with such a magnanimous reputation within the art society. incredible. 
  • monday morning, before hustling off to the sfmoma for its opening post-renovation, i whipped up two almond cakes and homemade whipped cream -- such goodness! one cake was orange and blood orange and the second was raspberry lemon. tasty. 
  • the sfmoma had been under construction for renovations for the past handful of years. as part of birthday celebrations, we gathered some friends together and explored the extensive space. with my husband being the host, and realizing there was no way we could all stick together, we split off into pairs and singles. i again took the solo route and perused at my own pace, reading as many of the info cards as possible and stopping at every piece of art -- i wanted to make the most of my visit and my alone time. during the 3.5 hours, i covered floors six and seven and part of five. some of the art i just didn't get -- which i suppose is part of its success is if it bewilders or shocks or confuses its viewer -- and other pieces i could have stared at all day or imagined them in my someday home. i can't wait to return and see the floors i missed. 
  • after what has felt like a drag, i was finally able to turn some pages in the boys in the boat. it's now a book i'm looking forward to reading. and when i needed a break, i turned on the second season of the netflix original documentary series the chef's table -- hearing from the chef's themselves as they talk about their culinary vision. superb stuff.

time with family and friends
  • the weekend of culture and the arts kicked off with the above and beyond acoustic concert at the greek theatre in berkeley. it was a lovely evening for an outdoor concert and the music soared above my expectations. 
  • sunday we had a nice and quiet time at home. we had a spicy roast, salad, and potatoes while watching africa and then naps. 
  • monday, after adventuring through the sfmoma, we made our way back to our neighbourhood for a friends dinner at helmand palace. we caught up with friends we hadn't seen in ages, toyed with the only toddler at the table, and filled our bellies full of delicious afghan food. the after party moved to our apartment for the final half of the warriors game against the oklahoma city thunder and almond cake. 

pictures my own taken of art pieces at the sfmoma; other pictures of the weekend's events on my instagram
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