Wednesday, May 25, 2016

the list diaries: chapter 002 -- san francisco.

the list diaries.
chapter 002.

lately i've wanted to hop on a plane and leave this hilly city in my past. start anew. and then other times i trip over a memory and find myself falling in love with san francisco -- all over again. 

  • the jasmine-filled evening sky. the aroma is nearly palpable. 
  • the convenience of four grocery markets within walking distance. 
  • how still and quiet the city is in the early morning. 
  • the option to walk -- everywhere; undaunted by the endless uphills climb. 
  • the views. 
  • the fog.
  • everlane.
  • tartine.
  • the ferry building.
  • miette -- where i can get the best macarons outside of paris. 
  • the plethora of cuisines to choose from. 
  • the fresh fresh air. it always seems to be moving. 
  • how close the wilderness is. 
  • tulle elk.
  • fentons.
  • avocados every day.
  • the bar method studio.
  • observing the personal style of passersby. 
  • seeing familiar faces in this big little city.
  • going away and coming home. 
  • reminiscing over "firsts" with my mr. brooks. after all, this is our love city. 

there are times when i'm awed by the romance of this city. it's no wonder why there are so many poems and songs written about this place. but for me, the magic and wonder ebb and flow, much like the rolling hills through the city. this is my everyday town and it's easy to get caught up in the stink, the mess, the tiny living spaces, the traffic, the hassle of parking, the funny seasons, and the gritty beach -- until visitors come and remind me of this wonderland i've stumbled into ten years ago.

apologies, i do not remember the source of this image

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