Tuesday, February 28, 2017

her outfit alone is worth a post: whitney pozgay

there's the fact that she's a fashion designer, a favourite of anthropologie. no surprise considering her incredible style. now, the joyful designs she's used in her clothes can be seen upholstering beautiful furniture, exclusive to anthro.

images courtesy of the anthro blog

you can get a snapshot of her life from the anthro blog post. I enjoyed the questions they posed to her so much that I included them below and chimed in with my own answers, too, just for kicks. (hers are in italics; mine are in normal text.)

a great day begins with the snooze button.
the fog horn sounding off in the distance and a few clouds keeping the sun at bay, at least for a little while.
the last song I listened to on repeat was Devo’s cover of “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.”

amason's cover of "California Dreamin'."
I never leave home without red lipstick and something to write on.

my phone, lip balm, a snack, and my sunglasses.
I’m proud of my partnership with my husband, Parker. We’ve managed to live and work together happily. 

how well my husband and I have partnered to edit our one-bedroom apartment to fit our growing family -- 2 adults, a teenager, a baby on the way, and a kitty cat. while looking for a larger space is on the horizon, the idea of moving saddens me because of the beautiful effort and the way we've come together in maximizing the space of our san francisco apartment.
I’ve always wanted to go to Kenya.

ride in a cattle drive.

my dream dinner party guests include Tina Fey, Wes Anderson, David Bowie, David Hockney, Maya Angelou, Jon Stewart and Grace Coddington.
lebron james, mr. and mrs. obama, princess kate, ellen degeneres, and tom brokaw, with ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong providing the music.

my most prized possession is a box of old letters and photographs.
my self-designed lace wedding dress. 
if I wasn’t an artist I’d be a candy maker.
if I wasn’t a startup recruiting operations professional I’d be on a marine research boat, focusing on orcas, sharks, or narwhals. 
or I'd be in my old farmhouse in the midwest proofreading and editing manuscripts and other writings, breaking to collect eggs from the hens in the barn.
the next place I want to travel is Mexico City.
paris. I've been once and I want to return and go deeper into exploring neighbourhoods, the countryside, and historical sites.

weekends are for trying new things.
rest, errands, baking, and making out with my husband.
happiness is the beach.
eating grilled cheese sandwiches in the kitchen with my husband and laughing well beyond bedtime. 

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