Wednesday, March 1, 2017

the list diaries. chapter 009 -- things I can't live without.

image courtesy of tkow

the list diaries.
chapter 009.

we all have those things that we cannot live without, like water or a hot shower, salt and pepper, our collection of hot sauces. below is my random, incomplete list. what's on yours? 

  • my suzy cat
  • my dreams of someday
  • sundae spoons and ice cream
  • my glossier products
  • black tights
  • eggs and toast
  • my family. my whole family
  • my phone
  • butter
  • a cast iron skillet
  • the morning kiss goodbye
  • opportunities to write
  • a good dictionary and thesaurus
  • grilled cheese sandwiches
  • sunday afternoons
  • lip balm
  • a hair tie
  • nivea body lotion
  • my faith
  • classical music
  • my husband

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