Friday, February 10, 2017

weekend: partly sunny with toddlers and little ones

image courtesy of blog.anthropologie

I've traded the rainy san francisco weather for temperatures in the mid-20's, snow, and freezing rain while co-babysitting my 5 nieces and nephews so their parents, my brother and his wife, can have a much-deserved vacation in hawaii (yes, co-babysitting with my mom because it takes more than one to take care of these kiddos). 

we're kicking off the weekend with movie (the incredibles) and pizza night, and a game of fetching socks with the littlest one (he puts a sock in his mouth like a puppy, I snatch and toss it, he retrieves it, returns it to me, and then we do it again; it's quite hilarious). saturday will start with waffles smothered in whipped cream and strawberry  jam and will evolve into a day of playing and baking. if the kids are lucky, perhaps we'll load up the minivan for a daytime adventure to walmart and fill a cart with valentines. 

while I'm away, mr. brooks and suzy are left to take care of each other. it's pretty sweet picturing them hanging out together, watching a show, falling asleep, and chatting. I wonder what they chat about.

happy weekend lovelies.
kcb + baby

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