Friday, April 7, 2017

two weekends left--

before #babyboybrooks is expected. I keep telling him we wouldn't mind if he was a few days early or right on time.


How I feel about the weekend ahead-- 

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There isn't anything particularly exciting lined up for the weekend, I'm just glad it's here. Time has been slowing down as I sit in this waiting game for the little guy to show up, #38weeks. And since we're ready to receive him at home, I'm itchin' to spend my time and energy outside. Last weekend we walked a 4-mile trail and I felt great. I'm hoping to do the same tomorrow. Springtime in the Bay Area is delightful and right now I can't get enough. I would love to add a dog to our Saturday; sometimes having a dog around makes everything better.

Topic that's been on my mind lately -- what is love? How do people show their love? It's demonstrated in different ways depending on the relationship. Some people like bold, grand gestures of love, while others like love shown in the little ways. Where do you fall? 

Hoping you have a great weekend ahead. Sending some love out there!

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