Friday, June 4, 2010

running for the weekend.


the weekend i've been working toward for so many months has finally arrived: my 1/2 marathon with see jane run is saturday! when i think about it, i'm taken back to my high school cross country days--my adrenaline pumping as we crowded the starting line anxiously awaiting the gunshot signaling it was time to get our legs moving. for tomorrow, i'm both excited and nervous. and even though i remind myself i'm running this for fun with my girlfriends and that it isn't my livelihood, nor does it define me, the beast that is my inner competitiveness creeps into my head and sends me whirling. at least i have girlfriends enduring the run with me. after the race, i plan on celebrating. i haven't decided how or when but there will be friends and food--that much is for sure. oh, and an afternoon nap. definitely.

the weather is looking quite promising for the weekend so maybe i'll head down to santa cruz and take my post-race nap on the beach or hike down to lake anza and play in the fresh water. so many options. i love living in the bay area. 

wish me luck! and good luck--to you, from me!--in your weekend adventures.

love truly,
katie kate
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