Friday, August 27, 2010

diary entries.

in 92 words or less.
  1. The summer night was closing in around us. I was driving. My friend JW was in the front with me and SS was snoozing in the backseat. Sparklers, swimwear, and other July 4th necessities were packed. The darkness as we drove through Lassen Volcanic National Park was thick and swallowed us whole. As we came around a bend, there in front of us, bumbling along the narrow 2-lane switchback highway was a black bear. I made a fast U-turn and paused on the offroad—the bear in our line-of-sight. He stared back. 
  2. Already chilled with excitement, I sat with two close friends in seats just shy of the nosebleed section. As the lights dimmed, my heart started racing. Only a few eternal moments later, the familiar text appeared on screen and the famous theme began to pound through the arena:  a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Then the man who I only knew as the voice of C3PO showed up on stage and for the next two hours, he dazzled us with a live storytelling of the Star Wars saga.
  3. On a dusty road, accompanied by my parents and younger brother, I bumped along in an open-air safari bus; my camera ready for that perfect shot. We happily greeted giraffes, camels, and on the hillside in the distance, cheetahs. A few miles further up the road we came upon a congregation of the endangered Southern White rhinoceros—light grayish tan in colour, broad and square-lipped. Overjoyed and awestruck, I stared at the magnificent creature, my favourite since childhood, only yards from my reach and two hours from home in Ohio. Unbelievable.
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