Friday, August 27, 2010

girlie weekend.


it's friday. all day. but when i pulled out of bed this morning the day had a saturday feel to it. so instead of flipping on the tv for the news or sportscenter, i did what i usually do on saturday mornings: turn on some music and rock out--thanks m. ward. and to go with the lazy day, i'm sporting my saltwater sandals and my eyes are behind my glasses--no contacts--red and struggling to focus. today feels like saturday and yet i'm at the office. urgh.

nevertheless, there are only a few more hours before i'm free and able to get started on the weekend--officially. and this weekend will be a handful of favourites.

the weekend kicks off with a morning visit to tartine to share croissants and mexican wedding cookies with an awesome friend. (there is no better way to start the weekend--food and friends.) i'll grab some other goodies and then hit the road south to palo alto to see another awesome friend. we're having a girlie weekend--manicures and pedicures, cooking lesson, double-feature (eat, pray, love and the switch), maybe a bike ride through santa cruz, and lots of girl talk. i can't wait.

treat yourself this weekend. we all need it. we all deserve it.

love truly,
katie kate
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