Tuesday, August 31, 2010

scenes from bucks county.

carousels, ferris wheels, and flowers. what a delightful collection of photography by carl christensen. a very serendipitous find it was on etsy listed as buckscountyframes. i'm completely enamoured with his work--the style, rich colours, and depth. remarkable. i would love to fill an empty wall with a few pieces.

images courtesy of etsy.com

the little girl inside of me that lives in a fairytale exclaimed in glee over the carousel pictures and at my current age i want to run barefoot through the fields where he snapped the dandelion and make wishes as i blow the blossoms and watch them float through the breeze. dreamy.

i think i want to visit pennsylvania's bucks county and ride that ferris wheel. i love ferris wheels. but i love carousels even more. 
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