Thursday, November 4, 2010

tea for joy love.

i love tea for joy (i can't help but love the brits) and these are some things she loves--and now i do too.

the beautiful thing about the four pieces she highlighted is they could all go together for a fabulous evening. imagine a silky cream coloured blouse with some pleating along the neckline under the navy cardigan, the scarf tied loosely around the neck, dark navy skinny pants, and the pumps on the floor beside the chair you're lounging in as you wait for your date to show. (he's only 5 minutes late; cut him some slack.) perfect.

image courtesy of

beryl ware scarf£123, from jigsaw; read about beryl here  /  john lewis coffee sack chair£799  /  next rib longline cardigan£35  /  fabulous sequined kurt geiger pumps£100
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