Tuesday, September 6, 2011

falling for fall.

i've been telling my friend, cah, a lot recently that i love fall because it has the best fashion. the materials, styles, textures--divine. it's a time for tweed, elegant scarves, lots of wool cardigans, gorgeous coats and risky stockings. i love getting all bundled up, wrapping scarves, pulling on gloves, choosing a hat, and heading out into the dark evening and watching my breath disappear into the air. i love this time of year. every year.

i think men look better in the fall, too, for most of the same reasons--tweed and herringbone jackets, suede boots, scarves, gloves, v-neck sweaters, the occasional plaid flannel shirt, hats and caps. swoon!

images courtesy of jcrewing.tumblr.com

for us in the bay area, fall temperatures come around mid-november so i have to wait a little longer than most. frustrating--a little. but totally worth the wait.
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