Wednesday, April 23, 2014

truth: i still peruse wedding inspiration boards.

wedding wednesday
volume 5  |  chapter 6

truth one: i was thrilled with my wedding day and how the day evolved--engagement photos in misty drizzle in the morning; a break in the rain for the ceremony bringing us clouds and perfect light; my flowers were magnificent, my hair was no-fuss, i was full of confidence and love, and most of my favourite people were there with me. 

truth two: there are a few things i would adjust, looking back. for example, i'd add a wide ribbon at my waistline tying in the back of my custom lace dress. i'd also spend a little more time at the reception dinner location or find another spot for it, bringing in an enchanting us atmosphere and to build the dream dinner table i've always fancied. 

truth three: it was really about the flowers for me and my bouquet was P-E-R-F-E-C-T. jane brought my vision to life. 

truth four: it was the happiest day of my life. had i only the people i love surrounding me and none of the extras, it would still be the best day i've ever lived. 

truth five: even though i'm not planning my wedding, i still love looking at images that inspire others. i can't imagine ever tiring of that--and i hope i never do. people are so unique and anything goes in weddings these days. it's fun to see what folks come up with. my current favourite is that kind of woman's tumblr, future wedding. the images are natural and elegant and simple and lovely. 

images courtesy of tkow's

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