Thursday, May 29, 2014

i'll never be a yogi.

i'm not good at practicing yoga regularly, even though i listed it as a new year resolution for 2014. the practice often intimidates me and i'm usually too lazy to leave for a class once i'm home from work. but you can practice at home! you might exclaim. yes, true. here are my excuses: my apartment feels too small with my mr., stepdaughter, and suzy roaming about. and for me to really benefit from yoga i need the cool hardwood floors and calm atmosphere of a dedicated yoga studio. i can't get those things at home. 

tonight, i've got the place to myself and, with the help of this yoga studio app, i'm going to do my darnedest to make yoga happen. and while flowing through moves, i'm going to pretend all my poses mirror this incredible yogi

i may never achieve yogi status but i can certainly appreciate the beauty and strength of the practice.

images courtesy of

i wonder if wearing emerson fry's cerulean caftan would turn my poses more majestic.

maybe someday i'll have a space i can dedicate to strengthening my yoga practice. a quiet place of my own with a cool, hardwood floor and a door that i can lock in and protect a serene atmosphere.


update: i completed two 30-minute yoga sets from the yoga studio app. it was wonderful. the female instructor's voice is calm and pleasant; the pace was comfortable. i consider myself a beginner so many of my poses were basic but they still pushed me. when i got home, i changed into looser clothing, closed the blinds, put a full towel out on the rug, and settled in. 

i don't think i'll be going to a studio ever again with such an enjoyable experience from the yoga studio app. 

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