Monday, March 13, 2017

wishing it was still the weekend.

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it was a great weekend. and it started with an evening walk on friday. it was warm and the moon was out and we just walked and walked -- holding hands, my arm through his, a pit stop to watch the last 5 minutes of a disappointing basketball game, and then home, where I found my joonie in the mailbox. yippee! (the warm weather and our casual walk made for a gently romantic evening, and that feeling remained in the air for the rest of the weekend.)

saturday was my baby shower, and it was wonderful. I felt so much love from the women that came -- through their thoughtful and fun gifts, advice, and pleasantries. it was nice to be spoiled and in the spotlight. the fact that the baby shower was for me was a bit of a surreal event, which this entire phase of life has been, and will probably remain until I'm holding #babyboybrooks. even then, I imagine I won't really believe it's true and that he's mine for some time thereafter. 

after my baby shower I met another friend and she continued the stream of great advice. we sat outside a coffee shop and talked and talked. I cannot recall the last time I wanted to be outside and enjoy the warm air as much as I did on saturday. is spring here? my pretty, pedicured feet hope so.

after dropping my step daughter off at a friend's house, husband and I relaxed at home until the sun went down on saturday, basking in the delight that enjoying quiet and simple time together brings us.

sunday was also quiet -- some hustle and bustle in the morning to get to church, catching up with friends and acquaintances before and after services, reading, and then naps in the afternoon. my favourite kind of sunday.

now it's monday and I'm feeling the affects of the daylight savings time adjustment. what I would give for an extra day to prolong the glorious weekend.

what was your weekend like? 

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