Wednesday, August 2, 2017

the list diaries. chapter 011 -- on my birthday, 39 things about me.

photo courtesy of my husband

the list diaries.
chapter 011.

I love being a mom and it strengthens my love of being an aunt, too
I eat ice cream almost every day
Growing older and developing an adult-to-adult relationship with my parents is a lot of fun
I love TV
The fanciest restaurant I've eaten in is Jardiniere
Red is not my colour
I cannot resist beautiful dishes and dinnerware
One of my regrets in life was not choosing a better occupational direction, like marine biology or pathology, until it came time to start a family
I've always felt behind compared to others in my same age category regarding life accomplishments
I eat fewer salads now than I did 3 years ago
On a cold winter night, a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich with pickles always hits the spot
Only recently I've discovered a love for indoor house plants
Outside of my parents and life experience, Alice, as in the Alice in Alice in Wonderland, has taught me more about life than anyone else
One of my favourite places on earth is Hamlin Lake in Michigan
Making my own birthday cake is a tradition I look forward to every year
The Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are two movies I've seen and will never watch again
I have a penchant for the classic trench coat, and beautiful coats in general
Sometimes I can't believe I'm a mother
I wish I had spent more time listening to the stories of my maternal grandfather while he was still alive. He was a most intelligent and wise man
Someday I want enough land out my back window for a Jersey cow and an alpaca
Art confuses me
Nobody makes fried chicken like my mother
And my dad's apple pie reigns supreme
I firmly believe #midwestisbest
I don't like sushi
I love classic and colourful balloons
I make a mean plain cheesecake
I wish I could dance and swim
I miss playing the piano and wish for one
I'd like to be an ostrich in another life; they have such beautiful plumage
I'm a LeBron James fan, for always
My favourite time of year is Autumn -- football, Thanksgiving, pies, falling leaves, a smokiness in the air, the harvest moon -- it's the most perfect season
Once upon a time I had my nose pierced
I think Storm Troopers are totally sexy
Is there a better in-home fragrance than dried lavender?
In my musical days, I played the piano, oboe, flute, and piccolo
I am a very nostalgic person
Quietly observing life all around me

And now, time for cake! A 3-layer homemade vanilla funfetti with vanilla buttercream frosting.

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