Friday, December 6, 2013

weekend: tonight i go on stage, microphone in hand!


tonight marks the 3rd year i've had the pleasure of singing with sl at our holiday party. last year was a blast with pop rocks and the year before, our debut, we flirted our way through "baby, it's cold outside." we've generated quite a name for ourselves and this year i think we'll really show everyone what we're made of. (i want tonight to be too much of a surprise for me to tell you what we're singing yet. -wink-) my dress isn't as flashy as last year but it is another vintage-esque (circa 1980s) piece: sparkly gold short sleeve top with a peplum, straight black silky skirt. we'll be taking the hornblower "belle" boat cruise around the san francisco bay. it'll be cold and wonderful.

saturday i get to brunch with my dear friend mackw at tartine (flaky buttery croissant, bread pudding, bitesize wedding cookies, pumpkin bread--i'm going to stock up on my favourites), after a run along crissy field. could there be a better start to a saturday morning? i think not. afterward, i think we're going to head out for this mazda race. it's more for my man than me but i have to admit i find a great thrill in watching cars race. i'm hoping to get the christmas tree up and maybe a few decorations on it.

sunday afternoon we're serving the wonderful people of leland house again. we haven't decided the menu yet but i can't seem to shake shepherd's pie from my mind. sounds yummy and warm.

i have a list of holiday baking to do and a christmas tree to decorate. question is--when? we are feeling the holiday hustle; calendars are filling up and we have a number of family/personal errands, too. i love this time of year, even with the hustle and busy-ness--the music cheers me; seeing window displays and wreaths and decorated trees; cinnamon-doused steamed milks from peet's and starbucks hot cocoa; pots of chili and loaves of hard bread; early bedtimes and chilly-brisk mornings. love it all.

happy holiday weekend to you and yours!

love truly,

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